Optimize invoice generation and inventory synchronization

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A complete automation software solution for online retailers

FamShop offers you everything you need to optimize your operating costs related to invoice generation, inventory management, AWB generation. Are you ready for the next step in development?


Automatically centralize orders and synchronize them with the accounting software and ERP program

FamShop centralizes orders from any ecommerce platform and any marketplace, then automatically sends them to the invoicing and ERP program, where the official invoicing and inventory reduction are done. From FamShop you can also change the statuses of orders that are automatically updated in ecommerce platforms and marketplaces.


Manage products to automatically create them in ecommerce platforms and marketplaces

FamShop offers you the possibility to manage the products with all the necessary details: name, external code, description, specific properties, images, prices depending on the desired sales channel (online store or marketplace) and inventory levels. In FamShop you centralize the products to be automatically synchronized with the other platforms.


You automatically synchronize stock levels between online stores, marketplaces and the ERP program

Get rid of stock inconsistencies in online stores and marketplaces completely, as FamShop automatically synchronizes inventory levels between ERP and all sales channels. FamShop can synchronize stock both from a single inventory or from many, you create your own automatic rules to manage inventories.


You automatically update price values according to the sales channel and adjust them automatically according to the competition

You can manage selling prices in ERP, and FamShop will take those values and update them automatically in online stores and marketplaces. You can also manage prices only in FamShop, and the synchronization process is the same. If you want to automatically adjust prices according to competition, nothing is easier. More details


Automatically generate AWBs

FamShop facilitates the automatic generation of AWBs which can be done in two ways: fully automatic (without human intervention) or semi-automatic, with one click you can generate one AWB (for each order separately) or bulk (for several orders). FamShop allows you to download these AWBs for printing.


You get 1 on 1 setup and training to have full control over FamShop

All the necessary configurations to start the synchronizations are made exclusively by FamShop. You receive 1 on 1 training to have the best onboarding experience in the FamShop application. Of course, in cases when you are on "autopilot", onboarding is a formality because FamShop works completely automatically for you.


You have the reporting and notification system

FamShop gives you order reports on various criteria, from order source to payment method. In the case of products, FamShop gives you statistics about the best-selling products and the most loyal buyers you have. You receive reports and alerts regarding possible out of stock issues, by email or SMS, you choose.


Define your own automation rules to maximize your workflow

FamShop helps you with the synchronizations already available, but it also helps you with customized flows to minimize working time and maximize efficiency. The ultimate goal is to be fully satisfied with FamShop, just like the rest of the customers who use FamShop, the ecommerce automation platform. More details

Connect with all the systems that add value to your business

FamShop is a command center for e-commerce. The platform connects online stores or marketplaces with ERPs, CRMs and courier companies. FamShop exposes feeds for price comparison apps and can import feeds from vendors.

We are integrated with following acounting software (ERP):

Netsuite, Syspro, Scoro, Sage, Brightpearl, Odoo, Ecount, Peoplesoft, FinancialForce, Infor, Deltek, ePromis, Epicor, Batchmaster, SupraReal, Abas, Teclib, Sequoiasoft, Praxedo, Axelor, ZendeskSell, Stafiz, KechieERP, Deskera, Nexus, SocrateCloud, Saga, WinMentor, SmartBill, Oblio, Pluriva, Neomanager, MicrosoftDynamics, RVX, Facturis, Charisma, Ciel, Wizrom, SmartCash, Asis, Sap, Eurofaktura, Dolibarr, Epesi, Softone, Sedona, FGO, Atlantis, MicroErp, Selmatic, MicroInvest, Zeron, Colibri, SISTechnology, EnterpriseOne, PharmaStar, Deep, Clip, enova365, ClearAdmin, InvoiceNinja, Gestbal, PlusERP, ERP, OPS Open Public Service

We are integrated with following platforms and marketplaces:

Magento, Magento2, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Opencart, Shopify, osCommerce, CS Cart, BigCommerce, Amazon, Miinto, Walmart, Fnac, Allegro, ePRICE, Bol, Spartoo, otto, eBay, ASOS, eMAG, CelRo, Okazii, Elefant, Real, MerchantPro, Vivre, Wix, VidaXL

We are integrated with following delivery companies:

DPD, GLS, SprintCurier, UrgentCargus, FastiusCurier, Sameday, FanCourier, DHL, PostaRomana, NemoExpress, Bookurier, AllPacka, Furgefutar, TCE, eCourier, Econt, Speedy, Innoship, Postis, DragonStar, IntelligentLogistik, efulfillment

We are also integrated with:

Why FamShop?

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

FamShop is flexible and connects easily with other apps.

Latest Technology

Performance optimized

FamShop itself is optimized for huge amount of data.

Cloud Service

Cloud Service

Nothing to download, an internet connection is all you need.

Team Collaboration

We want to be your friends

FamShop offers you support and wants to communicate efficiently with customers.

User Permissions

Secure Platform

Your information is in good hands, we transfer data using 256-bit SSL encryption.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

Stop worrying about storage limits, spend your time on important things.

Keen on price transparency


700€ Setup fee (ready in 5 days) + Training
  • - Stock levels / prices are synchronized between ERP and ecommerce platform (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Opencart or any other)
  • OR
  • - Orders from web store (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, Opencart or any other) are synchronized in ERP
  • OR
  • - Stock levels and prices are synchronized between ERP and marketplace (eMag, Okazii, elefant.ro, Amazon or any other)
  • OR
  • - Orders from marketplace (eMag, Okazii, elefant.ro, Amazon or any other) are synchronized in ERP
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Placed orders in online shop or marketplace are automatically sent in in ERP as invoices.
If you sell in your physical store from the same inventory, the real stock level must be updated in online shop or marketplace.
You define your selling prices in ERP and they are automatically updated in online shop or marketplace.
I want
Automated AWB generation for the first courier is free.
Some ERPs need additional configurations and can imply an extra setup fee.
Unique setup that covers all configurations and training: 700, then will be charged a monthly fee of 60

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