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Why choose the platform that centralizes and manages all your data in one place?

Once the data is centralized, it will be extremely easy for you to automate the processes because you will have at your disposal unified data and integrations with other applications (billing, management, ERP, CRM and couriers). Another advantage is that you organize your information efficiently for statistics and reports. If you sell on several sales channels (own online stores and marketplaces) it is extremely difficult for you to invoice and synchronize stocks with several applications or sometimes even manually. One application is enough for you: FamShop!

Why choose the platform with updated integrations as soon as there are changes in the other integrated applications?

Integration is known under many forms, like "connection" or "synchronization" or "automation" between webshop (or marketplace) and ERP. This process is referring to data transfer automation between webshop (or marketplace) and ERP. To make this process complete, it is recommended a bidirectional automation (information is transferred from webshop to ERP and the other way around).

Why choose the FamShop application and pay monthly for the synchronizations made?

The FamShop application runs in the cloud, it is available non-stop in your browser, online. The monthly subscription covers the computing power involved along with the maintenance costs of the servers, so that you have fixed costs, regardless of the volume of orders.

Why choose the FamShop application and pay for that initial setup?

The initial setup covers ALL the necessary configurations to start the automations, including all ACCOUNTS AND TRAINING FOR ANY PERSON require to use the FamShop application. Basically, the technical effort is made by FamShop and you receive the application ready to automate your flows in ecommerce.

Why choose a platform that allows you to customize flows?

Flexible mindset leads to progress, so FamShop is open to additional custom developments to optimize your effort and time.

Why choose the platform that also offers complex ecommerce technologies, such as shop by voice or mobile applications as online stores?

Maybe it's not the time to opt for a mobile application or a web store developed on the FamShop platform, but we want you to know that we have taken root in ecommerce and FamShop can be your long-term partner.

Who is behind FamShop?

Behind the FamShop ecommerce automation platform are thousands of work hours done by the FamShop team. The FamShop team consists of Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science graduates, University of Bucharest. Florin Macau is CEO of FamShop and initiated the FamShop project from scratch, later expanding the team with his colleagues from University.

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