FamShop, how does ecommerce automation work?

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What does ERP mean?

ERP comes from Enterprise Resource Planning. "ERP" is used to describe complex accounting and inventory management software with additional functionalities.

What is integration between online shop (or marketplace) and ERP?

Integration is known under many forms, like "connection" or "synchronization" or "automation" between webshop (or marketplace) and ERP. This process is referring to data transfer automation between webshop (or marketplace) and ERP. To make this process complete, it is recommended a bidirectional automation (information is transferred from webshop to ERP and the other way around).

When is the moment to integrate a webshop (or marketplace) with ERP?

There are two main cases when companies choose FamShop's integrations:

A. When they have large volumes of placed orders in online shop (or marketplace)
B. When they have large volumes of products in inventory and want to have the real stock value in online shop (or marketplace)

How does FamShop integrate orders between a webshop (or marketplace) and ERP?

Placed orders in online shop (or marketplace) are taken by FamShop and then sent automatically as invoices in ERP. In other words, the manual process of creating invoices in ERP is history.

How does FamShop integrate stocks (maybe selling price values) between a webshop (or marketplace) and ERP?

Products' stocks from ERP are taken by FamShop and automatically updated in online shop (or marketplace). In other words, the manual process of updating stocks in webshop (or marketplace) is history. For price values is the same scenario, FamShop takes the prices from ERP and updates them automatically to webshop (or marketplace).

Can FamShop synchronize also price lists (groups) between online shop (or marketplace) and ERP?

Without doubts, FamShop synchronizes prices for every price list (also named group of clients) from ERP.

Can FamShop integrate simultaneously online shops with marketplaces?

Yes, FamShop has the possibility to integrate several online stores simultaneously with several marketplaces.

Can FamShop sync product feeds from vendors?

Of course, FamShop has a module that synchronizes current product and stock information from external feeds.

How do I proceed when I have different product codes in store, marketplace and ERP, but the same product?

This problem is easily solved in FamShop, because there is a module that links the same products with different codes between them.

Can FamShop send invoices to ERP containing product packages?

Definitely, if there are packages in the online store or the markeplace and are considered as one product, FamShop can "break" that package into several products when submitting the invoice in ERP.

Can FamShop send ERP invoices with different VAT?

Of course, we have clients with eMag Romania + Hungary integrations who need that all orders placed to be sent as invoices in ERP, with different VAT.

Also regarding VAT, can FamShop send invoices with ERP products with different VAT rates in ERP?


Are there any integrations with the courier companies?

FamShop is integrated with most couriers, so AWBs can be issued automatically for orders placed in the online store (or marketplace).

Regarding couriers, how can I check if I have received all the courier reimbursements?

FamShop has a special module of checking reimbursements received from the courier.

Is there a possibility to minimize the rate of return of packages?

There is a solution for this case too, but it is preferable to work with more couriers, the explanation is as follows: FamShop recommends which is the best courier in relation to the refusal rate of packages and delays of delivery.

Regarding the rate of return, there are many orders that are not received by customers. How can I avoid them?

In addition to returns due to delivery problems, there are also premeditated returns from orders placed by robots or bad people. FamShop detects these "fake" orders for automatic cancellation of orders.

Is it possible to synchronize order statuses between online and FamShop?

Yes, FamShop synchronizes order statuses bidirectionally. In other words, FamShop synchronizes the orders' statuses from the online store and marketplace, centralizing them in FamShop. Moreover, the status changes made in FamShop are automatically synchronized to the online store and marketplace.

Is it possible to send SMS to customers with their order's status?

Definitely, first you choose an SMS sending provider, FamShop integrates with it (if it is not already integrated), then with one click you can send SMS.

Is FamShop a platform where I can automatically synchronize invoices, stocks, prices and generate AWBs?

Exactly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long takes an integration setup?

After we receive all the information in order to connect the online store (or markeplace) with ERP, the integration takes up to 5 business days.

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